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step by wicked step .

Chapter 1
On a wild and stormy night, five students, Claudia, Colin, Ralph, Pixie and Robbo, are sent ahead on a school trip to Old Harwick Hall. Instead of taking the school bus with Miss O'Dell and their other friends, they have to ride on a minibus with Mr. Plumley, one of their accompanying teachers, to their destination. After arriving, they explore the building and find an old, hexagonal tower room with five beds in it. In the dark of the night, with no electricity due to the raging storm, Colin spots a door which leads to an old, abandoned room where they discover a diary of a young boy by the name of Richard Clayton Harwick. Prior to reading the diary, they wonder why they are put together in the minibus. They achieved the answer after eavesdropping on Miss O'Dell and Mr. Plumley's conversation - on Miss O'Dell's list, their names had ticks which indicate that they each had two different addresses on their permission slips, one for their mother's home and one for their father's home. Each child comes from a divorced family. Pixie reads Richard's diary out loud for the other children to hear.
Chapter 2
Richard Clayton Harwick's father is ill and this worries everyone in Harwick Hall. Before his death, he tells Richard to take care of his mother and sister, Lilith and Charlotte Harwick. After that, Richard not only feels sad for his father's death, but also because his father had only thought of his mother and sister instead of him until the end of his life. Later in the story, Lilith marries Reverend Coldstone, an anglican priest (he is not Catholic because he is not addressed Father, and he marries Lilith, Richard's Mother. Roman Catholic Priests cannot marry) who is cruel towards Richard but is very nice towards Charlotte. Richard is then sent to a boarding school called Mordanger School, where he is treated like a prisoner. He then decides to run away and sail all over the world. He comes back twice to Harwick Hall but never bothers to enter it or meet his mother and sister. He finally returns home after reading a print which states that solicitors have something to his advantage back home, discovering from a letter Charlotte had written before her death, that his family had been searching for him until the end of their lives and how Reverend Coldstone had turned out to be a very bad man. His decision of whether to stay or leave Harwick Hall remains unknown while leaving his green diary back in his tower room.
Chapter 3 - Claudia's Story: Green Pyjamas
Claudia starts telling her story to the other children: Claudia's parents quarrel a lot until her father decides to take his things and move away to his mother's house. One night, there is a flood of phone calls, and for the first time, Claudia hears the name Stella, her dad's new girlfriend. After that night, Claudia's dad dare not visit nor come near the house anymore, but only talks to Claudia over the phone. On D-Day, Claudia meets Stella for the first time and thinks that Stella is a plain and mousy person. After a row with his mother, Claudia's dad then moves into Stella's house. Later, Stella gives Claudia a pair of beautiful green pyjamas as a late Christmas present even though Claudia is always rude and mean to her. One evening, Claudia's dad and Stella holds a dinner party to celebrate his thirty-seventh birthday. During the dinner, Claudia's dad's friends ignores Stella as they think that by doing so they would be loyal to Claudia's mum. Claudia felt sorry and went downstairs to thank her for the green pyjamas and thus making her point to the dinner guests that Stella is a wonderful person.
Chapter 4-Colin’s Story: The Bluebird of Happiness
Colin describes his stepfather whom he calls dad. His dad looks like him. His dad has dark hair with some grey patches around his ears. His dad used to roll his own cigarettes out of tobacco in a tin. His dad calls him by many nick names- Col, Collie, Sonny-boy, Buster, Mr. Bluebird. Colin’s mum works in a shop. His dad walks him to school and back. His dad got him his tea and took him to the park. At the park, he used to swing as high as the bar, he swings back in such a way that his dad would call him –The Bluebird of Happiness.
Then, Colin’s mum took him and moved away. It happened when Colin’s father had gone to spend a day with his sister. Colin was not happy- school mates would snigger when he did not understand things. Mum found a job at a canteen. She would be busy doing household chores when she came home. Mum was too busy to listen to him. He compared her with his dad- his dad used to talk to him and remembered names of his friends and teachers. Colin asked his mother many times about his dad. He wanted to know when his dad will come home.
His mother did give him a hint about his father not having a proper job. He realized later that his mother did not leave any clues for his dad to follow. He then wrote a letter to his dad. But there was no reply.
Every night, Colin would take the tobacco tin out of the toe of his boot and put it under his pillow. Then, he would hum his favourite song which was also his dad’s favourite. He would stay awake for hours talking to his dad. He pretended that his dad was there. Colin said that it was as if his mother thought that whatever is happening is actually happening only to her. Then one day when he returned home from school, he realized that his mum had thrown away his boots. The boots were too small for him but she did not know that there was a tobacco tin hidden in there. He did not bother to tell her because she wouldn’t have liked it.
It has been five years, eight months and seven days and Colin still remembers his dad. He secretly writes his dad’s name and his old address on the forms at school. Colin also tries to save money- he does three paper rounds. He will not try to look for his dad now- perhaps someday when he has enough money.
Colin hums slowly and when asked to sing, he says that he is saving the words till he finds his dad. It was his favourite song- The Bluebird of Happiness. His friend Ralph consoled him by saying that someday Colin will find his dad.

Chapter 5 - Ralph's Story A Tale of Three Stepmothers
Ralph has two brothers, two half-brothers, one half-sister, three stepbrothers, one stepsister,three stepmothers, one stepfather, two step-grandmothers and a step-grandfather. After school on Mondays and Thursdays, he goes directly to Dad’s place. His mum or his step dad,Howard sends him. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, he goes straight to his Mum’s place. At times,he will be lost not knowing where to go. The lunchboxes help. M for Mickey Mouse and Mum, D for Dumbo and Dad. His lunch box confirm his destination. Edward and George are his brothers. The boys liked Annabel, stepmother No. 1. The only problem was Ralph’s cat was sent over as their Mum was varnishing the hall. The three boys took Brandy in a cage. Edward had made it from a broken milk bottle crate and bits of wire. Annabel was annoyed and blamed them to be cruel as Brandy did not have room to breathe. Dad distracted her by pointing out that they were out of bread. Annabel insisted in baking. They went to the shops. They boys ate three large loaves and before they came home, they brushed away the crumbs. Dad was praising of how the dough had risen. When Annabel left it on the table, Brandy leapt up on the table and sniffed the dough. Then, Brandy lift edits paw and patted the dough. Next, Brandy curled himself comfortably into the dough. Annabel went mad. Dad tried to stick up for Brandy. The spell between Annabel and Dad was broken. In the end, Annabel ran off with someone and Dad searched to get the divorce papers signed. The boys did not miss her as she was more of dad’s girlfriend than a real stepmother. Dad then focused his attention on Janet, who was more keen on rules. However, Dad liked it. Edward and George did not mind as they were able to spend time with Dad.
Janet’s own children, Tom, Joe and Doug and Ann moved in with the three boys.Tom and Ann could get along with Ralph but not Joe and Doug. Mum and Howard though Janet was wonderful. Janet could draw up proper schedule and Mum hardly bothered as she found Janet was easy to deal with. Due to the rules, Ralph knew he could pick up rules in no time if he was ever anywhere. Finally Janet left. She got fed up with Mum and Dad as they were taking advantage of her. Dad kept fixing up work trips on the days the boys were there. He told Janet that she had four children and another three would not make any difference.Mum started sneaking Victor’s romper suit hoping that Janet would come across them and get the stains out before sending them back. So, Janet left. The boys had a wonderful time after that. Unfortunately, it was only for a short period of time. Stepmother Number 3, Flora, came into the picture. Ralph went the next day. When he rang the bell, Flora opened and enquired. Ralph introduced himself. Flora blew her top as she did want to be a nanny. She took Ralph out for a Chinese Dinner and to watch a film. Then she met some friends and went to a coffee bar. At that time, Ralph informed his Dad of their where abouts. Dad was furious and scolded Flora. Flora was cool and told him not to dump the children on her before checking her schedule. Ralph thought she was wonderful although she did all sorts of terrible things to him.Flora was pregnant and she ate only mint sauce sandwiches. Ralph was worried that his half sister or half brother would not be well taken care off by Flora. She did not know how and Ralph decided to help her out. The others usually teased Ralph. Most probably, Flora would settle in with this family.

Step By Wicked Step -Chapter 6. (chapter nie , aku dpt memorable event)
The memorable event form the novel step by wicked step is the honest conversation between Pixie and her stepmother Lucy . I think that the conversation is important because it affects Pixie’s life .
First of all , I think that the conversation is important because Pixie has a chance to tell the truth about her feelings . Pixie tells Lucy that she hates to pretend that their family is normal . it is hard for her to accept strangers as family . she dislikes her stepsisters . when Hetty moves into Pixie’s bedroom after quarreling with Sophie , Pixie is very angry . She tries many ways to get rid of Hetty .
 Apart from that , I think  that the converstion between Pixie and Lucy is important because Lucy alsa gets a chance to express her feelings towars Pixie . Lucy hates being a step mother . It is very hard for her to take care of someone else’s child . Lucy is angry when Pixie tries to get rid of Hetty from her bedroom .
Last but not least, I think the heart to heart conversations is memorable because it improves the relationship between Pixie and Lucy. They understand each other better. At the end of the conversation , they are crying and hugging each other . after that day , their relationship becomes better and they are more like a normal family .
In a nutshell, I think that the honest conversation between Lucy and Pixie is memorable because it improves the relationship between Pixie and her step family. I learn many things from this novel .  
 Step By Wicked Step - Chapter 7(yg nie , copy nunul pny) thanx nunul . 
Robbo's parents spilt up when he was only six years old. Robbo's father then moved out from their house and Robbo and his sister, Callie visited him at his place regularly.Robbo's stepfather, Roy moved to their home but Callie disliked him.  She also nicknamed him as 'The Beard' as Roy seemed to interfere with their family affairs. Their mother tthen give a birth to Dumpa, Robbo's half brother. One day, when Roy and their mather had a row, Callie tried to get their parents back together but failed.
One day, Robbo's mother had a serious row with Roy over Callie's habit of pushing her bicycle through the narrow space between his car and the bushes beside it as it almost stratched Roy's car.They started shouting each other . Roy was angry as he felt his wife siding with Callie and that neither of them appreciated his effort in sending the kids to school or paying for food. Robbo's mother and Roy's efforts to solve the problem but they ended up arguing. the situation worsen whern Roy decided no to drive callie to school and sledging activities when snow started to fall. He even refused to buy her favourite brand of cerelas as she was not polite and civil to him.
The next day, roy decide to clear the shed during the middle of a heavy snowfall with Dumoa following him. Robbo's mother tried to get Dumpa in, but he refused and only listened to Roy. Robbo then suceed in coaxing Dumpa into the house by offering him strawberry rocket ice lolly.From that day onward, their mother was always stuck in the middle as both Callie and Roy were unhappy and upset with each other. She also realised that the only solution to the problem is for her to move out her father's place.
Robbo's father then suggested to his ex-wife to go on a holiday with Roy to help them solving the problem. He even offering to take care of Dumpa while there were away. The story ended with Robbo's optimistic view of his family as they can now start afresh.
Ralph compared Robbo's story to Richard Harwick's story because his sister, Callie and Richared both did not like their stepfathers and had to leave their family. However, unlike Richard who ran away from his family, Callie tried something different in order to make things work at home. Ralph also mentioned that everyone in their group had tried their best to solve their problems at home. Claudia then put the journal back into its place, but took out Charlotte's little wooden cow, removed a tiny splinter, and gave the little wooden cow to Ralph who thrust it into Collin's bag , hoping that Colin would find his stepfather again.